• Technical Manager

    Job Description:


    1) To assist the business unit to complete the implementation of the import and export business operations;

    2) completion of the companies to explore overseas markets, technical documentation, website content specification;

    3) is responsible for the company overseas to visit the customer reception.

    Job requirements:

    1) Bachelor degree or above, International Economy and Trade English (trade direction) or related professionals;
    2) graduates or 1-2 years related working experience;
    3) English proficiency to master international trade practices and related knowledge;
    4) good communication skills, job seriously.

    Work Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing

    The theme of the candidates e-mail marked "candidates Commerce Assistant

    Recruitment Description:

    Please send your CV (clearly Contact) inch size recent photograph, proof of qualifications, copy of college transcripts (graduate), copy of ID, received a copy of the certificate, etc. Email to hr@sinocleansky.com or hrsinocleansky _AT_ gmail.com or by mail to the company address below. interview via e-mail or telephone notice, received an interview notice to 2 days to reply to a message to confirm.