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Our Profile

Beijing SinoCleansky Technologies Corp is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates business of various industries including energy, metal, machinery, chemical and environment. Our "made to order" approach to business has made us grow to become the leader of these industries in China. We are continuously creating value for our clients all over the world.

SinoCleansky's products are renowned at home and abroad. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions of the following products with sound quality, competitive price and best service:
  • CNG/NGV products and services
  • GAS equipment
  • Industrial electronics
  • Electrical equipment
  • Metallurgical machine
  • Tyres

With advanced technologies and strict quality management, our products have passed the major international third-party quality control certifications such as UL, TUV, Lloyds and etc.

SinoCleansky seeks to contribute to the enrichment of society through business firmly rooted in principles of fairness and integrity. The essence of what we do at Sinocleansky can best be described as focusing on the needs and seeds of customers and society, conceiving business models, and reliably providing functions and services to propel these businesses forward.

In addition, we provide optimal solutions for all stages of business-from development, procurement and production, to logistics and sales. Supporting the realization of these solutions, linking businesses and coordinating customer affiliations are all important SinoCleansky functions.

Furthermore, SinoCleansky also anticipates trends in the market and society and takes initiative to develop new business.

At SinoCleansky, we constantly work to reinvent ourselves and have sought out cutting-edge functions required by businesses. For this purpose, our strong financial resources and risk management capabilities are of course invaluable, but we believe the foresight, initiative and ingenuity of our human resources represent our greatest assets.

Through consistent and dedicated efforts, SinoCleansky is committed to further strengthening the high level of trust earned from our customers over the years. With the advanced technology, diligent manner, and our insisting on what we believe, SinoCleansky would like to make our sky cleaner with you together!