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Steel pipe rolling plant
Uncoiler Sliting Line Shear Welder Accumulator HF Welding Flattener Forming & Sizing Mill
Other Equipment & Roller Cut-off Machine
HF steel pipe welding plant 
Central Console DC Drive Cabinet Switch Rectifying Cabinet GGP Series Solid-state
KGS Series Large Power DC Power Supply CNG Numerical Control Machine Tool
KGPS Series Thyristor M.F. Induction Heating Device PLC Program Control Machine Tool
Mechanical Adjusting Equipment GP Series Vacuum H.F. Induction Heating Device
Circulation Soft Water Cooling System(water –water cooler) Circulation Soft Water Cooling System(air-water cooler)
GCYPGZP Series Solid-state Super audioM.F. Induction Heating Device
Forged Steel Roll Sendzimir Mill Cast Iron Roll

Value-TR418 Value-TR425 Value-TR414 Value-TR413 Value-TR412L Value-TR412 Value-TR175A
Value-TR87 Value-TR78A Value-TR75A Value-PVR79
TBR (truck bas radial)
TBR-295-80R22.5 TBR-295-75R22.5 TBR-13R22.5 TBR-12R22.5 TBR-12.00R24 TBR-12.00R22.5 TBR-12.00R20
TBR-11.00R22.5 TBR-11.00R20 TBR-10.00R20 TBR-9.00R20 TBR-8.25R20 TBR-8.25R16 TBR-7.50R16
TBR (truck bas radial)
Tubes, flappers and etc 
Tubes & flappers & etc
PCR (passenger car radial) 
PCR-245-45ZR18 PCR-225-75R15 PCR-225-60R16 PCR-215-75R15 PCR-215-65R15 PCR-205-45ZR17 PCR-195-70R15
PCR-195-50R15 PCR-185R14C PCR-185-70R14 PCR-185-60R14 PCR-175-70R14 PCR-165-70R13 PCR-165-60R14
PCR -225-75R15 PCR (passenger car radial)
Small tyres: for motorcycle, bicycle, auto-rickshaw and etc 
MC-450-12 MC-400-12 MC-135-10 MC-130-90-13 MC-130-70-13 MC-130-60-13 MC-110-100-12
MC-120-90-10 MC-110-90-16 MC-90-90-18 MC-90-90-10 MC-5.00-10 MC-4.10-18 MC-4.00-8
MC-3.75-19 MC-3.50-10 MC-3.50-8 MC-3.25-18 MC-3.25-16 MC-3.00-18 MC-3.00-16
MC-3.00-14 MC-3.00-12 MC-3.00-8 MC-2.75-21 MC-2.75-18 MC-2.75-16 MC-2.75-14
MC-2.50-18 MC-2.50-17 MC-2.25-14 MC-2.25-16 MC-2.00-17 MC-1.85-17
Small tyres for motorcycle, bicycle, auto-rickshaw and etc

cable and wire 
electrical motor 
solar panel, system

vacuum interruptor, relay and contactor 
Magnetron Hydrogen Thyratron High Voltage Relay DC Contactor Contactor
AC Vacuum Contactor Ceramic Vacuum Interrupter Used for Contact
power semiconductor
Thyristor Modules Solid-state Relays Resist Modules & Relays
IGBT Module High Voltage Diode Bridge Rectifier 3-phase Bridge Rectifier
Ultra-fast Recovery Diode Modules Rectifier Diodes Modules
General Rectifier Diode(Flat Type) General Rectifier Diode(Bolt Type)
Compound Module (Thyristors Rectifier Diodes)
3-phase Thyristor Half-bridge Modules (non-isolated type)
3-phase rectifier diode half-bridge modules (non-isolatged type)
Single-phase Fully Controlled (half controlled) Bridge Rectifier Modules
 vacuum capacitor 
Water Cooling Vacuum Capacitor Variable Vacuum Capacitors Fixed Vacuum Capacitor
ceramic capacitor 
Disc DC Blocking Power RF-Capacitors Disc Or Plate Power RF-Capacitor CCG81 Series
Watercooled Power RF-Capacitors (Internal Cooling) Water-cooled Power RF-Capacitors (External Cooling)
Tubular Power RF-Capacitors (CCG5) Tube-Style Power RF-Capacitors (CCG20)
Pot Power RF-Capacitors (TP TD) Plate Power RF-Capacitors With Finger Terminals (PE, PEF, PD, PDF)
Plate Power RF-Capacitors With Ceramic Base (CCG8) Plate High Voltage Capacitors With Contoured Rim (PS55)
High Frequency and Low Inductance Capacitors (CBB90B) Feed-Through Power RF-Capacitors Capacitors
Feed-Through Power RF-Capacitors Feed-Through High Voltage Capacitors (CCG51)
Bottle (Pot) Power RF-Capacitors (CCG11 CCG10A) Barrl-Styled Power RF-Capacitors (CCG6 CCG61 TOS)
Barrl-Styled High Voltage Low Frequency Capacitors CT87 series
electron tube
ITL12-1 ITL9-1 FU-3092C FU-1608C FU-1184C 310A 7092
ITL5-1 (FU-3150F) FD-911S AND FD-911SD 8T85RB (FU-8085F) 7T85RB (FU-7085F)
7T69RB (FU-7069F) 7T62R (FU-3062F) 3CW20000H3(FU-3101S)
3CX15000H3 (FU-3151F) 3CX15000A7 (FU-3152F) 3CX1500A7 (FU-508F) 3CW40000H3(FU-3201S)
3CX3000A7 (FU-3031F AND FU-3032F)

Cryogenic Lorry Tanker
Cryogenic Lorry Tanker
Cryogenic storage tank
Cryogenic tank container
Cryogenic cylinder
Gas compressor 
compressor for oil and gas compressor for refining and chemical compressor for natural gas chemical industry
compressor for methanol production compressor for coal chemical industry compressor for LNG、LPG
compressor for chemical fertilizer production
HP jumbo tube, skid and trailer 
HP jumbo trailer HP jumbo skid HP jumbo cylinder
Gas valves and accessories
Oxygen Cylinder Valve CNG Cylinder Valve Argon Cylinder Valve
Dissolved Acetylene Cylinder Valve
MP Welded gas cylinder
Acetylene Cylinder Chlorine Cylinder
HP Seamless aluminum gas cylinder
SCUBA cylinder paintball cylinder fire extinguisher
Industrial special gas cylinder Beverage cylinder for CO2 Medical oxygen cylinder
HP Seamless steel gas cylinder 

CNG/NGV products and services
CNG vehicle
CNG saloon car CNG bus CNG autocycle
CNG engine 
Water-cooled CNG engine Tsunami type CNG engine
CNG cascade and skids 
CNG Cascade For Storage & Transportation CNG jumbo tube skid
 CNG refuelling station
Standard CNG refueling station CNG mother and daughter station CNG Hydraulic Daughter Station
CNG conversion kits
CNG ECU CNG regulator CNG Emulator CNG Miscellaneous Kits CNG injection rail and valves
 CNG cylinder for vehicles 
Type I CNG Steel Cylinder Type II CNG composite cylinder Type III CNG composite cylinder