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CNG jumbo cylinder skid


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Product advantage:

Large storing capacity, variety sizes, highly safety and reliability, stable performance, Convenience transportation, nice appearance, flexibility.


CNG jumbo cylinder skid is widely used in industrial gas storing, CNG station, transportation, power generating plant, industrial factory and etc. It will reduce the pressure loss and leakage due to long distance transportation, more energy saving, more economic. Meanwhile, high pressure semi-trailer are widely applied in the storage and transportation of natural gas, hydrogen, helium, purified gas and etc.

Quality control

We apply learn production management, implement investigating system for responsibility for quality and technique inspection and supervision system, focuses on process control to guarantee the high quality and no flaws of products. Our high-pressure jumbo cylinder approved as per ISO11120, ASME, as well as approved by BV inspection report.

Countries and regions where products are sold

Rely on the steady product quality, and superior post sales service, products made by us are exported to many countries such as Indonesia, UAE, Columbiaand etc. with a very good reputation upon our clients.

Features of high-pressure gas cylinder skid:

1.      Close-spinning technology applied, seamless structure, and reliable for safety operation

2.      Large-size structure, fewer valves, tubes and joints, and less danger of gas leakage

3.      Cleanness in design and structure, and les maintenance on site.

4.      Easily discharging of residue liquid

5.      Equipped with branch-tubes and accessories, easy for operation and maintenance

6.      Lower weight of whole vehicle, reducing of tractor work and investment

7.      Add additional gas-filling devices, directly providing natural gas for tractors, and good for energy saving and environment protection.

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