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About Us


Beijing SinoCleansky Technologies Corp is proud of the current achievements, and has been pursuing opportunities for the further development. We firmly believe that through our joint efforts, we will certainly be able to achieve our mission and our vision.

  • Our Mission

    To make our sky cleaner

  • Our Vision

    To be an excellent partner in global industrial sectors

  • Our Value

    Service foremost;

    Pursuit of excellence;

  • Being deeply grateful

    in all relationships;win client's favor and social respect.

Entrepreneurial spirit is one of our defining characteristics, and is in our nature. It is always our mission to make our sky cleaner. Our products are high efficiency and energy-saving, best-selling in various countries. We are willing to work together with all other new energy enterprises to make more contributions to the advancement of China’s energy-saving and environmental-friendly industries.

To be an excellent company which wins employee’s love, client’s favor, shareholder’s trust and social respect is our long-term pursuit. We insist on improving the ability of employees, paying respect to each employee and we hold that the development of each employee is closely linked with the development of our company. We have created an environment for employees to set goals that require self-administration or independent, creative action. It is our pursuit to effect the common prosperity of the employees and the company.

Over the years, we have been providing quality services to our clients, and achieved a high degree of evaluation from our clients. We try our best to meet the various requirements of our clients, which made us get the favor of clients. We will make persistent efforts to return our clients with better quality products and services. When launching a new business, we strive to reduce risk to a minimum and create profits to a maximum, making us win the trust of shareholders. Each year we hold a shareholders meeting, to make our shareholders better understand the operation and the development direction of our company in the future.

To shoulder social responsibilities with a grateful mind is also SinoCleansky’s belief. We mobilize resources and dedicate effort to make a positive contribution to the sphere we have influence. We will constantly contribute to society!

SinoCleansky will also continue to play our role in the enlargement of the global economy, while always striving to enrich the society within which it operates. We will constantly stay a step ahead in creating new value to support green energy, drive green economy and promote human civilization and progress!