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China Is A Reliable Partner For Nigeria

Jul 06 92

July-6, 2022, theNigeria Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition (NOG) is in progress.

We, SINOCLEANSKY specially exhibiting several best selling products focusing on west Africa market, including CNG, LNG, Cryogenic tank, CNG Jumbo Tube Trailer etc.

According to the latest data released by Nigeria's National Bureau of Statistics, China became Nigeria's largest trading partner in the world in 2020, accounting for 19.6% of the country's total global trade.2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nepal. Within the framework of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, China and Nepal have deepened cooperation across the board and made positive contributions to building an even closer China-Africa community with a shared future. 

“In the challenges of fight against covid-19, China has joined hands with Nigeria and other African countries to fight the epidemic, demonstrating the brotherly friendship between China and Africa.”

Based on the relationship between China and Africa countries. We believe our exhibition in Nigeria will bring excellent service to the customers over the counties and take many business opportunities.