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HP Seamless Aluminum gas cylinder

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Coated Aluminum Cylinder for Specialty Gases

Material: high strength aluminum alloy 6061.

Internal treatments: corrosion resistance.

Weight: 40% weight reduction than steel cylinders.

Wide range line:

Outside diameter: 89mm – 250mm

Water capacity: 0.5L – 50L

Working pressure: 12.4MPa, 13.9MPa, 15MPa, 15.4MPa, 20MPa, etc.

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SinoCleansky Coated Aluminum Cylinders are Interior surface treated strength corrosion resistance. It’s the first choice to fill and refill various kinds of specialty gases, high purity gases, calibration gases and so on.

The popular water capacity is from 0.5L to 50L, working pressure including 15MPa, 15.3MPa, 20MPa, etc.

Technical Specifications

Coated Aluminum cylinder for Specialty Gases



Outer diameter

Water capacity

Working pressure

EN1975 / ISO7866


159 mm

10 L

15 MPa

EN1975 / ISO7866


203 mm

20 L

15 MPa

EN1975 / ISO7866


232 mm

30 L

15 MPa

EN1975 / ISO7866


250 mm

50 L

15 MPa

EN1975 / ISO7866


204 mm

20 L

20 MPa



250 mm

50 L

20 MPa



250 mm

46.4 L


Packaging & Shipping

The cylinders can be packed with carton box each cylinder, with pallet or without pallet in container, 20ft or 40ft.

Report & Certifications

Cylinders are with detailed test report, including the factory test report, hydraulic test report, third-party test report etc.

Reference Report:

E-mail [email protected] to get more detailed test report specimen.


  • 01
    What is the raw material for this type of cylinder?

    The Industrial Gas Aluminum cylinder is manufacture by high strength aluminum alloy 6061.

  • 02
    What kind of gas will use this type of cylinder?

    The Coated Aluminum cylinder can be used for H2S, SO2, CH3OH etc.

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