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ASME standard 2m3-25bar Microbulk Tank

Microbulk is replacing the cylinders

Microbulk offers a wide range of benefits with a tank capacity equal to:

dozens of dewar cylinders

or hundreds of high pressure gas cylinders

Available for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, LNG etc

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SinoCleansky microbulk tanks offer a better solution of end-to-end liquid gas delivery, replacing all your costly gas cylinders. It improves gas transportation, charging and storage management greatly. An ideal solution for medium size customers in industries, medical, cutting, lab and etc.

More reliable, safe, efficient and economical, compared with high pressure gas cylinders and dewar flasks.

Superior performance: bigger capacity, longer storage period, higher flow rate, fast pressure build-up. It is the best and only solution for your laser cutting of thick metal!

All models for your selection: capacity 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L; Working pressure 16bar, 25bar, 35bar.

SinoCleansky microbulk tanks benefits:

It is an on-site filling solution for gas cylinder users.

The charge loss is low or even zero.

Longer liquid gas hold times.

Extraordinary thermal quality assures very little gas loss.

The boost speed is fast and the gas flow is large.

Quick recharge to save time and reduce costs.

Multiple pressures, different volumes, more choices.

Brand valves HEROSE, REGO, accessories, high reliability.

Small footprint, convenient transportation, simple installation.

Less operation and maintenance needed.


Technical Specifications


Packaging & Shipping

The Microbulk Tank will be wrapped with strong plastic film & packed in container & fixed with ropes. Or with open top container.


Report & Certifications

The Microbulk Tank are delivered with detailed factory test report.

Reference Report:

E-mail [email protected] to get more detailed test report specimen.

  • 01
    What kind of brand for valves and gauges do we have?

    We provide Chinese famous brand valves and international brands valves based on customer request, incl HEROSE, Rego, WIKA etc.

  • 02
    What are the advantages of Microbulk over steel gas cylinders?

    On-site filling, Low filling loss, fast filling and reduce costs.

  • 03
    How long the vacuum warranty?

    Thanks for the high performance of our tanks, we assure you with Vacuum warranty 7years, which is the first in worldwide.


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