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SinoCleansky participated in FABTECH Mexico 2023

Jul 04 184

SinoCleansky participated in FABTECH Mexico from May 16th to May 18th , 2023, 

attracting customers from all over the world to consult.


Beijing SinoCleansky Technologies Corp is a professional gas equipment company with expertise in industrial gas, energy, medical, welding, fire-fighting and other applications. The main products are as follows:


Jumbo Tube/Skid/Container/Trailer

SinoCleansky jumbo cylinder is produced as per ISO11120, DOT standard, with TPED&ADR certificate 

and BV test report.


Microbulk Storage & Delivery System:

SinoCleansky VICTANK microbulk meets ASME standard, with cryogenic WC 1000L to 7200L 

and WP 16bar, 24bar, 35bar.  VICTANK microbulk is widely applied in liquid industrial gases and natural gas, 

incl medical, industrial welding, laser cutting, lab, etc.


LNG&CNG Virtual Pipeline:

CNG transport trailer:40ft/20ft – 8tubes up to16 tubes, Max cap. 12,348NM3/Set; ISO11120 standard, 

BV approval, SONCAP certificate.

LNG storage tank: 20M3~200M3,vertical or horizonal;

LNG regas and regulating skid: customized and skid-mounted;

LNG transport: LNG ISO tank container and LNG lorry tanker.


SinoCleansky Gas Equipment:

High pressure gas cylinders, incl steel, aluminum, composite cylinders;

Welded cylinders for acetylene, liquid chlorine, FM200, etc.