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Sinocleansky participates in MENA Industrial Gases Conference 2022 Organized by Gasworld

Dec 05 172

MENA Industrial Gases Conference is coming: 12-14 Dec. 2022 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Welcome to SinocleanskyforIndustrial gas equipment solutions and service.  

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"MENA Industrial Gases Conference" is the largest industrial gas exhibition. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the MENA market. This exhibition attract enterprises from all over the world. 


In this exhibition,please visit us for SinoCleansky Industrial Gases Equipments

Cryogenic series

1. Cryogenic ISO Tank Container:
popular  for LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO2, LN2O; size 20ft; working pressure 8bar, 16bar, 22bar, 24bar
2. Microbulk Tank:
1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L; working pressure 16bar, 24bar, 35bar
3. Cryogenic Cylinder(dewar flask):
water capacity 175L to 500L, working pressure 1.37mpa, 2.3mpa, up to 3.45mpa
4. Cryogenic Storage Tank:
popular 5m3, 10m3, 15m3, 20m3, 30m3, 50m3, up to bigger size such as 200m3; working pressure 8bar, 16bar, 22bar, 24bar, higher.
5. Cryogenic Lorry Tanker (Semi-trailer) :
popular size 1m3 to 20m3 lorry tanker body; bigger size with chassis; pump optional
6. Biobank Tank(Cryogenic Freezer)
Storage capacity of vials 19500, 41600, 80925, 93375, etc.
7. Helium Dewar
Water Capacity: 36L, 66L,110L, 275L, 550L,1074L, etc
8. Cryogenic Pump and Vaporizer