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ክሬይጄኒክኒክ ሎሬ ታንክ

Full range of Semi-trailer

Manufacture standard: GB, ASME, EN

Capacity: 5M3 - 57M3

Working pressure: 0.8MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.4MPa, etc

Medium: LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO2, LNG

  • መግለጫ

  • የቴክኒክ ዝርዝር

  • ማሸግ እና መላኪያ

  • በየጥ

  • ጥያቄ


SinoCleansky provide loading part of lorry tanker without chassis and head, pump is optional. The products are widely used in the LNG and other liquid industrial gas stationary storage and transport. Meanwhile, they have Passed international approval certificate such as ASME, EN and GB etc.

Whatever size of lorry tanker loading part you need, Sinocleansky custom-made service will always satisfy you.

የቴክኒክ ዝርዝር

Cryogenic Semi-trailer for Industrial gas

Insulation: Compound Super Insulation

Volume: 6076-9774 gal / 23-37M3

MAWP: 0.3Mpa

Discharging pressure: 1.8Mpa

Medium: LOX, LIN, LAr

Product advantages: the last rear shell course and

the rear head of the outer vessel are made of stainless steel;

lighter vehicle and lower operation cost

Mini Bulk Delivery systems (Pump is optional )

Insulation: Compound Super Insulation

Volume: 1057-5283 gal / 4-20M3

MAWP: 0.35Mpa / 0.8-1.6Mpa

Discharging pressure: 0.8-3.5Mpa/0.8-1.6Mpa

Medium: LOX, LIN, LAr

We only provide Loading part of lorry tanker, without chassis and head.

ማሸግ እና መላኪያ

It will be packed in container & fixed with ropes, or shipped in bulk directly.

  • 01
    What about the delivery time of liquid gas storage tank?

    It usually takes 3-4 months to finish the production.

  • 02
    What kind of gas will use this storage tank?

    The storage tanks are widely used for the LNG and other liquid industrial gas including LOX/LIN/LAr etc.

  • 03
    What about the warranty terms?

    This product and the parts according to the shipment date can enjoy of 12 months (vacuum problems 36 months) warranty service.