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ዓይነት III CNG ጥንቅር ሲሊንደር

Manufacturing standard: NGV2, ISO11119.

OD: 373mm, 383mm etc.

WC: 80L-207 ኤል.

WP: 25MPA.

  • መግለጫ

  • የቴክኒክ ዝርዝር

  • ማሸግ እና መላኪያ

  • ሪፖርት እና ማረጋገጫዎች

  • በየጥ

  • ጥያቄ


SinoCleansky provides a wide range CNG III composite cylinder from 80L to 207L with ISO11119, NGV2 and etc, and working pressure is 25MPa.

CNG III composite cylinder is carbon fiber full-wrapped with aluminum liner, when driving range and weight of a vehicle are critical limitations, our Type 3 ultra-lightweight composite cylinders are an ideal option. We would like to try our best to provide you most competitive price, prompt delivery time, reasonable payment terms, and wonderful after-sales service.

It with the following advantages:

-Superb safety record
-Proven technology
-Light weight (30% of steel cylinder)
-Good resistance to chemicals
-Not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement
-Not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking
-Seamless and not leaky (liner)
-Rust free
-Fitting in all ambient weather conditions
-Fast filling
-Higher volume for the same outer dimensions and fewer cylinders required
-Less pipes, valves, link kits required
-Better gas mileage

የቴክኒክ ዝርዝር

ዓይነት III CNG ጥንቅር ሲሊንደር







ማሸግ እና መላኪያ

ስዕልን ለመከላከል ሁሉም ሲሊንደሮች በፕላስቲክ መረብ ተጭነዋል ፡፡ እና ሲሊንደሮች በፓላተር ወይም በቁጥር ላይ በመመስረት በእቃ መጫኛ ሊቀርቡ ይችላሉ ፡፡

ሪፖርት እና ማረጋገጫዎች

ሲሊንደሮች እንደ BV ፣ SGS እና የመሳሰሉትን ጨምሮ የሶስተኛ ወገን የምስክር ወረቀት ፣ እና የፋብሪካ የሙከራ ዘገባን ጨምሮ የጥራት የምስክር ወረቀት ይዘዋል ፡፡

  • 01
    What is the difference between CNG I and CNG III?

    CNG I is steel gas cylinder, and CNG III is aluminum liner hoop-wrapped with carbon fiber, it’s about 30% lighter than CNG I, but the price much higher than CNG I.

  • 02
    ምን የምስክር ወረቀት መስጠት ይችላሉ?

    በ BV ፣ SGS እና ወዘተ ፣ እና በጥራት የምስክር ወረቀት ፣ በሃይድሮስቲክ ፈተና እና ወዘተ ጨምሮ ለሦስተኛ ወገን የምስክር ወረቀት ማቅረብ እንችላለን ፡፡