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SinoCleansky provide the custom-made type Gas Mixer, for such as liquid argon, LCO2 etc.

Here is a reference type:

Name: Gas Mixture Ratio Cabinet

Type NO. 8305M-1

Specs: Input pressure:0.6-1.2Mpa,

የውጤት ግፊት-0.2-0.6Mpa

Max. Output flow:56m3/h.

Accuracy ratio:±0.5%

Ration range: 0-30%adjustable.

Storage tank:230L

Proportion display: Digital display

(CO2 far-infrared line analytical instruments0-30% adjustable).

Control mode: Automatic one-piece,

Type of Alarm: Sound and light alarm.

Power supply:220V 50Hz

Air outlet and inlet:3/4 ball valve(or flanges)

Install a gas analyzer.

Install two gas pressure regulators, so as to assure the stable gas pressure

More specs as per our enclosed technical data sheet.

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