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Beijing SinoCleansky Technologies Corp is a professional gas equipment company with expertise in industrial gas, medical applications, energy sectors etc., offering a one-stop-solution with wide range of products, composing of gas cylinders, jumbo skid container, cryogenic equipment, as well as customized service.

Our popular products for the industrial gas:

ጃምቦ ቱባ ስኪድ መያዣ

Sinocleansky jumbo tube container produced as per ISO11120, DOT standard, with TPED & ADR certificate and BV test report. The skids/trailers are widely used for Gas storage and transportation, including Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Air and other kinds of Industrial Gases.

T75 & T50 ISO Tank Container

Sinocleansky ISO tank are manufactured under EN13530, ASME standard, with Lloyd’s Register certificate.

T75 ISO tanks are for LIN, LAr, LOX, LN2O, LCO2, and LNG, and T50 ISO tank for liquid ammonia and other gases. With high technologies, Sinocleansky ISO tank has good insulation performance to ensure the lower loss during transportation.

Sinocleansky Gas Equipment:

High pressure gas cylinders, incl steel, aluminum, and composite;

Cylinders for liquid chlorine, FM200, acetylene, etc.;

Cryogenic cylinders, tanks, lorry tankers, ISO tanks;

SinoCleansky products are in accordance with the most stringent international standards, approved and certified by international inspection authorities which ensure a long-term safe and good use, with a good industry reputation.


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