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Helium Dewar

Technology: High-vacuum multi-layer insulation plus cold shield design

Manufacturing Standard: ASME

Water Capacity: 36L, 66L,110L, 275L, 550L,1074L, etc

Valve and Meters: Apollo, Generant, Wika, etc

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SinoCleansky Ultra Helium Dewars are designed and built for reliable transport. They are light, maneuverable and durable, while providing superior thermal performance. The unique neck tube design provides proven support during transportation. The outboard caster base provides maximum stability in a compact design.


Available in sizes ranging from30 إلى1000 liters. The Ultra Helium Dewars are suitable for air transport(IATA  conforming)with the optional absolute pressure relief valve. All models are 100% non-magnetic for Magnetic Resonance Imagery(MRI) service.


بيانات السيارة
Typical Types
النوعوحدةSCS- HD30SCS-HD60SCS-HD100SCS-HD250SCS-HD400SCS-HD500SCS-HD1000
حجم الكاملL36661102754405501074
حجم فعالةL30601002504005001000
معدل التبخر%/day2.751.751.251110.5
Main relief valve relief pressureبسي / بار10/0.7
Two stage relief valve relief pressureبسي / بار12/0.8
Auxiliary relief valve relief pressureبسي / بار1/0.07
القطر الخارجيmm508606606856110811081310
Castor numbermm4444444
حجم الخروعmm100100100125125125150
Cervical canal diametermm36.
Extraction liquid tube diameter (MXM)mm12.712.712.719191919
Extraction liquid tube diameter (MIN)mm9.59.59.512.712.712.712.7
Extraction liquid tube depthmm83290211321320126714171632
Vent Connection (MNPT)1 / 2 "
الوزن الفارغKg5994108185236256480
Full weight loadKg62101233216286318605
ملاحظة:The depth of the suction pipe is measured from the top flange to the bottom of the inner bottom headkinds of liquid Helium application requirement

التعبئة والتغليف والشحن

All the Helium Dewar will be packed with plastic film or carton or wooden boxes for protection of surface. And the Helium Dewar can be delivered with pallet.

تقرير وشهادات

Helium Dewar are delivered with detailed factory test report.

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    What about the compatible adaptor for connecting ?

    Various kinds of Valves, Transfer Hose and Cryenco to Linda Bayonet Adapt meets your kinds of liquid Helium application requirement.

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    What about the delivery time of this type of Helium Dewar?

    For a 20ft-container quantity, it usually takes 3 month to finish the production. But if there are stocks, then the delivery time could be about 2 to 3 weeks.

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