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LNG Nəqliyyat və Saxlama

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Beijing Sinocleansky Technologies Corp.


Wangjing SOHO, Chaoyang District, Pekin, PR Çin. Poçt kodu: 100102


+ 86-10-64709959


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LNG Nəqliyyat və Saxlama

SinoCleansky provides full solution for LNG Transportation & Storage. From small cylinders to ISO tank containers SinoCleansky will be your reliable supplier. The LNG transportation & storage equipment, from small cylinders to the ISO tank containers, they are widely used for LNG station, industry, LNG generation etc.

  • LNG T75 ISO tank qabı

    Sinocleansky intermodal containers are produced as per GB150, EN13530, ASME and other international standards, with LIoyd’s Register CSC Certificate, BV Certificate and CCS Certificate....

  • LNG Silindr

    SinoCleansky GB standard Dewar Flask for LNG is a type of high vacuum drawn, multi-layer heat insulating removable cryogenic liquid vessel which can be applied to store, transport the liquefied gas products, such as LNG...

  • LNG qabı

    To provide high-performance equipment, Sinocleansky make a series of stringent tests, including automatic welding process, X-ray and ultrasonic tests, Vacuum production and testing....

  • LNG yük maşını tankeri

    Sinocleansky LNG Lorry Tanker features large capacity, lower self-weight of vehicle low operation cost and little evaporation rate which makes itself popular all over the world....

  • LNG Kompakt Kriyojenik Tank

    The feature of high vacuum multi-layer insulation & well-designed structure brings up ZERO even BARELY ZERO liquid loss & long-time vacuum strengt....