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Крыягенны бак для захоўвання

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Пекін Sinocleansky Technologies Corp.


Ванцзін SOHO, раён Чаоян, Пекін, Кітай. Паштовы індэкс: 100102


+ 86-10-64709959


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Крыягенны бак для захоўвання

We SinoCleansky specialize in development and production cryogenic tank and cryogenic lorry tanker over ten years, with rich experience. The products are widely used in the LNG and other liquid industrial gas stationary storage and transport. Our product with High-vacuum multi-layer insulation. To provide high-performance equipment,we make a series of stringent tests, including automatic welding process, X-ray and ultrasonic tests, Vacuum production and testing, hydraulic tests, leak test for inner vessel, etc.