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Трубка, трэйлер і трэйлер HP Jumbo

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Трэйлер Jumbo Tube

Close-spinning technology applied, seamless structure, and reliable for safety operation.

Large-size structure, fewer valves, tubes and joints, and less danger of gas leakage.

Cleanness in design and structure, and les maintenance on site.

Easily discharging of residue liquid.

Equipped with branch-tubes and accessories, easy for operation and maintenance.

Lower weight of whole vehicle, reducing of tractor work and investment.

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  • Тэхнічныя характарыстыкі

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SinoCleansky jumbo tube trailer are produced as per ISO11120, DOT, or ASME, with inspection report (certificate) issued by BV, LRS, TUV or equivalent international third-party.

The products are widely used for CNG and various industrial gases such as Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Purified Gas etc, with advantage to intermodal transportation. It has the merits of large storage capacity, high transportation efficiency and easy conveyance.

HP jumbo tube trailer is mainly consisting of HP jumbo tube skid and Chassis. The trailer popular size are 40ft with chassis, and the chassis could be 3 triaxial or 2 triaxial.

As complete unit, we mainly design two types of trailer: One is Frame type of jumbo tube trailer which skid & chassis could be freely connected or separated. The other one is Bandage type of jumbo tube trailer which skid & chassis are fixed together.

Тэхнічныя характарыстыкі

Popular Type for Industrial Gas and CNG

Light Type for CNG

Remark: 1. The data of filling gas volume, loading weight and total weight is based on CNG.

               2. The above specifications are only for our typical types. The more accurate & detailed parameters and technical drawings are available upon request.

Ўпакоўка & Дастаўка

The jumbo tube trailer needs to be shipped as bulk cargo.

Справаздача і сертыфікаты

The jumbo tube trailers are with third-party test report and detailed factory report. The third-party test report includes test for each cylinder, and the test for the skid air tightness. The factory report will include Quality Certificate, Instruction Manual, factory test report, etc.

Reference BV Report :

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часта задаюць пытанні
  • 01
    How to choose the right type?

    We have an existing product list for you to check and choose; Or you can tell us your required Filling medium / Working pressure / Water capacity / Application (Ground stationary storage or intermodal transportation), then we will recommend the suitable model for you; Besides, the Jumbo Tube Skid can be customized, so we can discuss it if there are any special requirements.

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    What kind of gas will use this type of container?

    The container can be used for CNG and various industrial gases such as Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Purified Gas etc.

  • 03
    What certificates do we have?

    Our jumbo cylinders are manufactured according to ISO11120 / DOT / ASME standard, and we can provide inspection report (certificate) issued by BV, LRS, TUV or equivalent international third-party. In addition, our jumbo cylinders can be certified by TPED with Π mark, some models of our Jumbo Tube Skid have been certified by ADR, and other models can be certified according to customer requirements.

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    What documents will be included when delivering the goods?

    Docs issued by factory: Quality certificate / Instruction manual / Factory test report etc. Docs issued by third-party: Complete inspection report (Including physical properties, chemical properties, water pressure test reports, etc.)