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Do Empty Gas Cylinders Need to Be Secured

January 18,2022

Why cylinders are fixed?

The reason to prevent accidental tipping of gas cylinders from exploding.
In the Laboratory gas cylinders must be secured with chains, cylinder cabinets, etc., to prevent safety accidents caused by tipping.

Safe storage principle for gas cylinder :

1.Should be placed in a special storage warehouse, must comply with the national storage of dangerous goods regulations,warehouse cylinders should conform to the relevant provisions of the “code for fire protection design of buildings, must be equipped with professional knowledge and technical personnel, the warehouses and sites designated persons should manage, equipped with reliable personal safety protective equipment, and set up the” dangerous “, “it is strictly prohibited to fireworks” logo.
2. There shall be no ditches, secret tunnels, open fires and other heat sources in the warehouse, and the warehouse shall be ventilated, dry and avoid direct sunlight; The storage warehouse and storage room should have good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, no ditches, secret channels and bottom ventilation holes, and no pipelines through, should avoid direct sunlight, avoid radioactive ray sources. The cylinder body should be dry. Sun exposure should be prevented in summer.
3. For gas cylinders that contain reaction gases liable to polymerization or decomposition, the highest temperature and storage period in the warehouse must be controlled according to the nature of the gas, and radiation sources should be avoided.

4. Empty and solid cylinders should be placed separately with obvious signs. Toxic gas cylinders and cylinders in which contact with each other can cause combustion, explosion or poison generation should be stored in separate chambers, and anti-gas appliances or fire extinguishing equipment should be set nearby. It must be stored separately from explosive objects, oxidants, flammable objects, spontaneous combustion objects and corrosive objects.
5. Gas cylinders should be placed neatly, upright and properly fixed, and measures should be taken to prevent tipping. The innovative new full-plastic cylinder retainer plate and cylinder retainer perfectly solve cylinder storage and cylinder fixation problems, improve safety and avoid cylinder placement disorderly, in accordance with the occupational health administration standard OSHA29CFR.1910 regulations, cylinder safety greatly improved. Innovative full plastic structure of cylinder fixing plate and cylinder fixing frame, which will not be bulky, rusted and chip loss like steel products, especially suitable for clean room.