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What is the Gas Pumped into the Cylinder?

November 27,2021

Usually by compressor

According to different discharge pressures,compressors can be divided into low pressure compressors—discharge pressure less than 1.0MPa; medium pressure compressors—discharge pressure 1.0MPa~10MPa; high pressure compressors—discharge pressure 10MPa~100MPa; ultra-high pressure compressors— Exhaust pressure is greater than 100MPa and so on. The low-pressure compressor is a single-stage type, and the medium-pressure, high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure compressors are multi-stage, and the maximum number of units can reach 8 stages. The ultra-high-pressure diaphram compressor for polyethylene with a pressure of 343MPa has been made abroad. According to the different compression media, the general compressor can also be called: air compressor, oxygen compressor, nitrogen compressor, hydrogen compressor and so on.


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