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کنفرانس و نمایشگاه MENA Gasworld Sinocleansky حامیان مالی - غرفه شماره 20 دبی 9-11 دسامبر

نوامبر 09 32

پکن SinoCleansky Technologies Corp کنفرانس گازهای صنعتی Gasworld 2019 MENA را در تاریخ 9 تا 11 دسامبر برگزار می کند.
Booth: No.20

Hosted at the luxury Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, the Industrial Gas Conference will discuss, debate and explore the most current issues and innovations within the Middle East industrial gas market.

As a professional gas expert, Sinocleansky is always sponsoring the international events for gas industries all over the world.

Our star products for this exhibition:
Jumbo tube skid / trailer (with TPED & ADR certificate and BV test report)
T75 / T50 ISO tank container (with Lloyd’s Register certificate)
Below products will also be mentioned:
High pressure gas cylinders, incl steel / aluminum / composite;
سیلندرهای کلر مایع ، FM200 ، استیلن و غیره.
Cryogenic cylinders, tanks, lorry tankers.

Smart cylinder management system و الی آخر.