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Kamfanin Sinocleansky Technologies Corp.


Wangjing SOHO, Gundumar Chaoyang, Beijing, PR China. Lambar Post : 100102


+ 86-10-64709959


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Medical delivers health, and SinoCleansky delivers medical solution. We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of cylinders for high-pressure containment of O2 (oxygen), N2O and other medical gases, We take special care to ensure that they have smooth, clean internal surfaces, all with lightweight corrosion-resistant performance.

  • Karfe Gas Gas Silinda

    SinoCleansky provides all types of steel gas cylinder. Our products are manufactured according to the GB5099, ISO9809, EN ISO9809 (TPED), DOT-3AA and other international...

  • Aluminium Gas Silinda

    SinoCleansky provide a wide range of High Pressure Seamless Aluminum Gas Cylinder that mainly manufactured under ISO7866, EN1975, DOT-3AL and GB11640 standard. The water capacity....

  • SCBA (na'ura mai dauke da numfashi)

    SinoCleansky SCBA Cylinder, Self-contained breathing apparatus are widely used in medical and firefighting.The composite cylinders are made by aluminum liner fully....

  • Cryogenic Tank don Gas

    SinoCleansky design and manufactures the vertical and horizontal Cryogenic Storage Tank for medical gas. The thermal-insulating modes are including perlite powder vacuum insulation....