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LNG Regasification

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LNG Regasification Skid Process

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LNG regasification skid process

a) LNG storage tank skid: for LNG storage and the fluid supply, generally purchased or provided directly by the user. (Horizontal tank comes with pressurized systems, pressurized vertical storage tank deprovision pry)

b) Unloading PBU skid: for boosting and the constant pressure when the LNG tanker unloading fluid, then the LNG storage tanks can reach the normal fluid pressure difference, so the LNG tankers can irrigation charging.

c) LNG gasification output skid: for LNG gasification, complex heat, pressure regulator, metering, plus foul, so that post-gasification of nature gas in accordance with the requirements of the user’s to be constant, constant temperature, constant pressure to the output. When the flow rate≥1000Nm³/h, it is recommended LNG vaporizer prized separately or foundational separately on-site.


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