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특수 가스 실린더

Material: high strength aluminum alloy 6061.

Internal treatments: corrosion resistance.

Weight: 40% weight reduction than steel cylinders.

Wide range line:

Outside diameter: 89mm – 250mm

Water capacity: 0.5L – 50L

Working pressure: 12.4MPa, 13.9MPa, 15MPa, 15.4MPa, 20MPa, etc.

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시노 클린 스키 aluminum gas cylinders are made by quality aluminum 6061 and manufactured strictly in accord with national and international safety standards, which assures consistency of wall thickness, weight and performance. They are the first choice to fill and refill various kinds of specialty gases and calibration gases.

기술 사양

산업용 가스 알루미늄 실린더




물 용량

작동 압력

EN1975 / ISO7866


159의 mm

10 L

15 MPa의

EN1975 / ISO7866


203의 mm

20 L

15 MPa의

EN1975 / ISO7866


232의 mm

30 L

15 MPa의

EN1975 / ISO7866


250의 mm

50 L

15 MPa의

EN1975 / ISO7866


204의 mm

20 L

20 MPa의



250의 mm

50 L

20 MPa의

도트 -3AL


250의 mm

46.4 L


포장 및 배송

The cylinders can be packed with carton box each cylinder, with pallet or without pallet in container, 20ft or 40ft.

보고서 및 인증

Cylinders are with detailed test report, including the factory test report, hydraulic test report, third-party test report etc.

Reference BV Report:

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자주 묻는 질문
  • 01
    What kind of the gas for storage?

    Specialty Gases, the cylinder inner wall will be polishing or coated.

  • 02
    What about painting for the cylinders?

    Quality aluminum 6061.

  • 03
    What kind of Certificate or Report can you provide?

    Cylinders are delivered with detailed test report, and as per the different standard, we provide TUV Test Report and Factory Test Report.