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CNG 운송 및 보관

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CNG 실린더 캐스케이드

Type 1 or Type 2 CNG cylinder.

Working pressure 20mpa.

Cascade for CNG transportation.

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CNG cylinder cascade is widely used for CNG transportation. It's owed convenient discharging platform and using it more easily.

기술 사양

I 형 CNG 스틸 실린더

외경 : 232mm, 273mm, 279mm, 325mm, 356mm, 406mm 등

화장실 : 20L --- 225L

WP : 20MPA

II 형 CNG 복합 실린더

제조 표준 : ISO11439, ECE R110

외경 : 325mm, 356mm, 406mm 등

화장실 : 50L-200L

WP : 20MPA

자주 묻는 질문
  • 01
    What kind of product that you provide?

    We could supply the CNG cylinders, and we can also supply the assembled CNG cylinder cascade.

  • 02
    What about your typical type?

    OWe supply the typical type of CNG cylinder from 60L to 225L and do the CNG cascade based on your detailed request.