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SINO1230 Fire Protection Fluid

People: A larger safety margin protects people.

Operations: No damage to electronic equipment or the data stored on it.

Valuable assets: Safe for paper archives, historical documents, priceless works of art and antiquities.

The planet: Very low global warming potential and no impact to the ozone layer.

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                                  SINO 1230

(Perfluorinated Hexanone Fire Protection Fluid)

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The full chemical name for this compound is dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one. Its ASHRAE nomenclature – the way it is designated in the NFPA and ISO 14520 clean agent standards – is FK-5-1-12.

A large margin of safety, and an excellent environmental profile.

•Zero ozone depletion potential

•5days atmospheric lifetime

•Global warming potential <1

•Large margin of safety for occupied spaces

전형적인 신청

•Anechoic chambers

•Data centers/Server rooms/ Laboratories

•Marine vessels

•Medical records storage


•Museums & archives

•Oil & gas / Paint rooms



•Power generation & power storage

품질 지수


검사 항목

기술 색인

Qualified Product

Superior Product

Purity,% ,≥



Acidity, (AS HCI),%,≤

3 X 10-4

3 X 10-4

Water Content,%,≤

10 X 10-4

5 X 10-4

Non-Volatile Residue,%,≤


Suspended Matter or Sediment


Extinguishing Concentration/%(V/V)



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급성 경구 독성  

LD50>5000  (mg/kg)

Acute dermal irritation/ Corr

자극 없음

Acute eyes irritation /Corr

자극 없음

Package & Transport&Delivery

    About the delivery time: We have existing goods on produce line and in warehouse, any time can order.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with rain on the outer packaging;avoid direct sunlight.

Package: 200kgs /300kgs in one drum ,then 4drums in one pallets.

Shipping:Pack in pallets shipping by sea is better choice.

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