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SinoCleansky Diaphragm Compressor is popular used for Hydrogen Energy with many successful cases. The pressure can be 22mpa, 25mpa, 45mpa, even up to 75mpa and 100mpa.

SinoCleansky provides custom-made service for the compressor, just indicate the gas flow rate, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, then SinoCleansky can provide the detailed technical proposal.


●Wide range of intake pressure, suitable for hydrogen refueling stations without hydrogen production;

Compressor integrated system is perfect, all interfaces are arranged uniformly, easy to install;

The cooling system is perfect to ensure the performance and life of the compressor;

The hydraulic system of the compressor uses an automatic regulating valve, which consumes little power and is energy saving and environmentally friendly;

Automatic unloading, automatic start and stop for remote control;

Reasonable speed, stable compressor operation and low noise;

Equipped with lifting device for easy compressor maintenance.

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