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왕복 펌프

 Industrial gas filling pumps

 Carbon dioxide pumps

 Large flow and medium pressure piston pumps


원심 펌프

 Cryogenic centrifugal pumps

 Multi-phase cryogenic centrifugal pumps


1. Industrial gas pumps are mainly used for air separation products: filling of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, air supply systems. The units are mainly single row, double row, and three-row reciprocating pumps. Refer to each parameter table specific parameters.

Its flow is 30 to 5000L/H and its maximum exit pressure is 35.0MPa. 

An electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, or a fixed rotating speed motor, or a variable frequency and variable speed motor, or an explosion proof motor or an explosion proof variable frequency motor can be equipped as per actual requirements.


Carbon dioxide pumps

적용 분야

 Such pumps are mainly used for liquid carbon dioxide.

 Filling of carbon dioxide liquid cylinder.

 Air supply, air distribution system.

주요 기술 매개 변수

 Flow: 100-4000L/H

 Maximum exit pressure: 10.0Mpa


Large flow and medium pressure piston pumps

 Flow: 4000-72500L/H

 Maximum exit pressure: 8.0Mpa

 The pump has modular design and a wide coverage of flow.

 A high vacuum jacket pump head is used, and the vacuum degree reaches 10-5 torr so as to reduce cold loss.

 It has a reliable sealing structure.

 Multiple configurations enhance the safety and automation degree of the pump.


Cryogenic centrifugal pumps

Such pumps are mainly used for the filling and transport of storage tanks with cryogenic liquids such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and cooling liquid; the mainly single stage, single suction and direct-connected centrifugal pumps. 


Multi-phase cryogenic centrifugal pumps

Such type of pump is used to deliver and transfer LOX, LIN LAr, LNG, or other cryogenic liquids in high pressure; in addition, it’s available for water, oil, and other chemical liquids. This units is a multi-phase, cascade-structured centrifugal pump. According to the performance of its seals, it can be classified as submerged pump and seal pump.