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Mini LNG Plant - Successful Plant

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Mini-LNG는 비 전통적인 가스 공급원을위한 최고의 솔루션으로 전 세계의 기아를 충족시킵니다. SinoCleansky는 소규모 LNG를위한 MRC의 핵심 기술을 개발합니다.이 기술은 스키드 마운트, 모듈 식 설계 및 관련 가스, 마진 가스 우물, 셰일 가스, 석탄층 가스, 도시 가스 피킹 등 다양한 천연 가스 요구 사항을 충족하도록 맞춤 구성되었습니다. , 바이오 가스 등.


To meet the highest quality standards for LNG, we have developed our own design for selecting and sizing equipment with the most flexible technical solutions. Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to coordinate customer needs with the experience gained over the years and to provide tailor-made solutions based on our continuous activities in project development.


The plants are shipped in modular sections for easy and low cost installation. The equipment is installed as enlarged modules, which are then connected during installation on site with the minimum number of interfaces on pre-fabricated foundations.

As a consequence, there is a significant reduction in the cost of installing and commissioning.


SinoCleansky provide technical training for clients’ engineers at our factory. Moreover, for on-site installation and commissioning, all performed under the careful supervision and responsibility of SinoCleansky expert site engineers.

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