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SCBA (자 급식 호흡 장치) 복합 실린더

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점 표준 SCBA 실린더

Materials: carbon fiber and AA 6061.

Light weight: weight reduce 70% than steel gas cylinder.

High pressure:300bar, 4500psi.

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시노 클린 스키 SinoCleansky DOT standard SCBA Cylinder is ideal to store oxygen, and the feature 40%--70% weight lighter than steel cylinders makes sure that it can be ideally used as self-contained breathing apparatus cylinders.

Moreover, the SCBA Cylinder has passed DOT certification and can be universally used in the US market.

기술 사양

DOT standard SCBA Cylinder



물 용량

작동 압력



4.7 L




6.8 L




9 L


포장 및 배송

The cylinders will be packed with bubble plastic and carton box each cylinder to ensure the safe delivery, with pallet or without pallet in container, 20ft or 40ft.

보고서 및 인증

Cylinders are delivered with detailed test report, such as the factory test report, or third-party test report, etc.

참조 보고서 :

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자주 묻는 질문
  • 01
    What is the liner material for the SCBA cylinder?

    Aluminum alloy 6061.

  • 02
    What about the usage of this type of cylinder?

    The usage of the SCBA cylinder mainly including firefighters self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), aircraft oxygen and inflatable escape ramps, and other applications that require light weight, high pressure gas storage etc.

  • 03
    이 유형의 실린더의 배달 시간은 어떻습니까?

    Based on type and quantity, from 20 days to 45 days.