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Typus III CNG composita cylindro

Manufacturing standard: NGV2, ISO11119.

OD: 373mm, 383mm etc.

WC: 80L-207L.

WP: 25MPA.

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SinoCleansky provides a wide range CNG III composite cylinder from 80L to 207L with ISO11119, NGV2 and etc, and working pressure is 25MPa.

CNG III composite cylinder is carbon fiber full-wrapped with aluminum liner, when driving range and weight of a vehicle are critical limitations, our Type 3 ultra-lightweight composite cylinders are an ideal option. We would like to try our best to provide you most competitive price, prompt delivery time, reasonable payment terms, and wonderful after-sales service.

It with the following advantages:

-Superb safety record
-Proven technology
-Light weight (30% of steel cylinder)
-Good resistance to chemicals
-Not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement
-Not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking
-Seamless and not leaky (liner)
-Rust free
-Fitting in all ambient weather conditions
-Fast filling
-Higher volume for the same outer dimensions and fewer cylinders required
-Less pipes, valves, link kits required
-Better gas mileage

Technical Specifications

Typus III CNG composita cylindro







Shipping & Packaging

Et omnes terminos cylindricos facis cum plastic rete in tutela pingis. Quod cum eger cylindris reddi potest vel secundum quantitatem laxiore continens.

& Certificaciones Report

Cylindraceis tradita sunt detailed et test fama, inter tertia-pars Quisque ut BV, et is an etc, quod, cum officinas test fama includit: Qualitas Certification: Hydrostatic PROBATIO ET etc.

  • 01
    What is the difference between CNG I and CNG III?

    CNG I is steel gas cylinder, and CNG III is aluminum liner hoop-wrapped with carbon fiber, it’s about 30% lighter than CNG I, but the price much higher than CNG I.

  • 02
    Quid tu libellum providere?

    Tertia-pars edita a V. Quisque praebere possumus, etc., et is an, quo fama includit qualitas test officinas Certification: Hydrostatic PROBATIO ET etc.

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