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LNG Regasification

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Latin Statio Processus LNG Regasification

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LNG statione processus vexillum regasification

a) Unloading LABOR:-gradus ascendere, et liquida constant unloading tankers LNG enim pressura, LNG tankers pervenire ad repono cisternina infusio pressura in normalis ad LNG habet, LNG tankers ad munus implendum.

b) LNG storage tank skid: for LNG storage and for the fluid, generally purchased or provided directly by the user, the tank comes with the equipment manufacturers to provide complete sets tank pressurization equipment and pipe routing.

c) LNG gasification output skid: for LNG gasification, filter, pressure regulator, metering, plus foul, so that post-gasification of nature gas in accordance with the requirements of the user’s constant, constant temperature, constant pressure to the output.


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