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Vestibulum cylindro procul Welded

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FM200 / cylindro NOVEC1230

Manufacturing std: EN13322, CALCULO 4BW

Externae diameter 228mm - 462mm etc.

Aqua facultatem: 16L - 240L

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SinoCleansky welded FM200/NOVEC1230 Cylinders are produced as per DOT-4BW, EN and other international standard. They have the advantages of safety, lightweight, clear stamping, consistent height and elegant appearance.

The cylinders with a full range from 16.6L to 240L, and get certifications from LRS, SGS, BV, TUV and etc.

Technical Specifications

FM200 / cylindro NOVEC1230



externae diameter

facultatem aqua

operantes pressura


EN228.6-16.6L 42bar,

228.6 mm

16.6 I.

bar 42


EN324-52L 42bar,

324 mm

52 I.

bar 42


Bar-XLII EN450-240L

450 mm

240 I.

bar 42


OD406-52L 500PSI,

406 mm

52 I.

Psi 500


OD406-106L 500PSI,

406 mm

106 I.

Psi 500


OD406-180L 500PSI,

406 mm

180 I.

Psi 500

Shipping & Packaging

Generally, the cylinders will be shipped with pallet, especially for the large water capacity cylinders due to the weight issue.

& Certificaciones Report

Cylinders are delivered with detailed test report, incl Factory Test Report and the Third-party LRS, SGS, BV and TUV Test Report.

And we can also cooperate with customers to do local register for the cylinders and firefighting system.

Report Reference:  

E-mail [Inscriptio protected] ut magis detailed test fama iudicetis.


  • 01
    Can I choose many types cylinders in one order?

    Yes, we provide mixed service, and you can choose the type you prefer, and tell us the quantity to confirm the delivery type.

  • 02
    Quid enim sit amet circa hos terminos cylindricos?

    Generally, the cylinders will be shipped by 20ft container, 9pcs/pallet for 324mm diameter, 5pcs/pallet for 406mm diameter, 4pcs/pallet for 450mm diameter, and 12 pallets for one container.

  • 03
    Quod genus tertium-pars cylindri providere Quisque vultis?

    We provide the Third-part LRS, SGS, BV, TUV Certificate and etc.

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