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Biobank Tank (Freezer)

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Biobank Tank (Cryogenic Freezer)

Storage capacity: 20,000 ~ 94,000 vials at 1.2ml/2.0ml

Temperature of - 180 ℃ ~ - 190 ℃

Control system (optional): control the real-time running status inside the freezer

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Cryogenic freezer provides a storage capacity of 20,000 ~ 94,000 vials at 1.2ml/2.0ml. Biological samples are stored safely at a low temperature of - 180 ℃ ~ - 190 ℃. Cryogenic freezer's excellent vacuum performance ensures long-term and effective safe storage of biological samples. Also, an Auto Cryogenic freezer (HCF series) is available, the container can realize automatic opening and closing the cover, reducing the manual work of container operators. The rotation of inner turntray is controlled by electric motor and selected rack can be turned to the tank neck window. And freezing rack can be lifted by elevator also.


technesch Spezifikatiounen
EenheetHCF200 PräisHCF400 PräisHCF800 PräisHCF940 Präis
Allgemeng Dimensioun
Total Héichtmm1764178118061961
First step heightmm300250285285
Height from the first step to the tankHalsmm1107118611561331
Second step heightmm/470570570
Height from the second step to the tankHalsmm/9668711046
baussenzege Duerchmiessermm880116015301530
Internal working diametermm750103014001400
Internal effective heightmm755755755910
Duerchmiesser vunneck openingmm330458623623
Max storage capacity ofFläschenEA19,50041,60080,92593,375
Number of freezing racks with 100ZellenEA14306060
Number of freezing racks with 25ZellsEA4899
Number of layers of freezing racksLayer13131315
Total KapazitéitL48192517552004
Liquid nitrogen capacityL62157327327
(Below turnSchacht)
Liquid nitrogen consumptionL/d891212
Liquid nitrogen supply
AC220V 50Hz
Total weight of equipmentkg305455710780
Overall dimension (LXHXW)mm980x8801740x11601749x15302083x1530

Verpakung & Shipping

All theBiobank Tank will be packed with plastic film or carton or wooden boxes for protection of surface. And the cylinders can be delivered with pallet.

Bericht & Zertifizéierungen

Cylinders are delivered with detailed factory test report.

Referenz BV Bericht:

Email[Email geschützt]fir méi detailléiert Testrapportprouf ze kréien.

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    What about the operation, is it difficult to pickup?

    The turntray is controlled rotated and positioned, and it is easy to find the freezing rack; Electric lifting elevator, easy to lift the freezing rack; One button automatic cover opening without manual operation;

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    What about the delivery time of this type of tank?

    For a 20ft-container quantity, it usually takes 3 months to finish the production. But if there are stocks, then the delivery time could be about 2 to 3 weeks.

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    Gëtt et Frame a Rieder verfügbar?

    Jo, mir kënne Frame a Rieder ubidden.

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