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Gefier montéiert High Pressure Liquid Stickstoff Pumps Skids

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Vehicle-mounted High-Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Pumps Skids:

SinoCleansky produced outdoor operation mobile pump skid(trolley)system such as vehicle-mounted high-pressure liquid nitrogen pump skids for mining oilfields and gas fields, large flow liquid nitrogen pump skids for natural gas pipeline nitrogen purging. And such system is suitable for long distance highway transportation; in addition, they have high reliability. Pipeline helium and nitrogen leakage detecting matching pump skids (CCS classification society certification has been passed) are used for leakage detection of marine pipelines. LNG pump skids and L-CNG high pressure pump skids are used for natural gas stations; L-CNG and other complete systems are used for urban natural gas peak shaving purposes.

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 Flow: 50-15000L/H (Liquid state)

 Max Sortie Drock: 70MPa

 The system (pump skid) integration level is high; all components are installed in a complete manner: power system (fuel generator set/generator set), pump, vaporizer, control system, pipeline, fuel supply system.

 The system utilizes point monitoring and PLC control; automatic operation of the system can be realized.

 The system operation is simple: what is needed to do connecting the inlet and outlet pipelines, switching on powder supply, or starting the powder system.

 The system has special design: it can adapt outdoor operations and frequent highway transportation. In addition, it has outstanding anti-bumping, windproof and independent working ability.

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