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Sinocleansky ໄດ້ຮັບ ຄຳ ຕອບທີ່ດີຈາກງານວາງສະແດງ Gas Indonesia

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Thanks for all clients’ support, Sinocleansky earns good response from Gas Indonesia exhibition in Jakarta from July 31st to Aug 02nd, 2019.

For this exhibition, Sinocleansky mainly aims at CNG and LNG equipment for the natural gas storage and transportation. Especially for the mini LNG plant, Sinocleansky attracted the attention of numerous professional players in this field with its expertise.

And for Indonesia market, Sinocleansky has deep cooperation with local clients and sponsor local international conferences and exhibitions continuously, also including the coming eventsທ່ານ ອາຊື ກອນສິນ ນັກທຸລະກິດລາວ

LNG Bali Forum - September 10th-13th - Bali, Indonesia

ANGVA 2019 - November 25th - 27th - Jakarta, Indonesia

Sinocleansky at Gas Indonesia events