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तिमि यहाँ छौ : होम>हाम्रो बारेमा>समाचार र घटनाक्रम>समाचार

हाम्रो बारेमा

समाचार र घटनाक्रम

इन्डोनेसियामा जम्बो ट्यूब कन्टेनरको 4 सेट

अगस्ट 30 64

हामीले यस महिना इन्डोनेसियामा जम्बो ट्यूब कन्टेनरको 4 सेट डेलिभर गर्यौं।

Due to the large demand of CNG, SinoCleansky deliver CNG jumbo tube skid to client all over the world for CNG storage and transportation. Forइन्डोनेशिया market, the most popular type is 40ft, 12 tubes and 8 tubes.

We, Sinocleansky, specializes innatural gas industry and supplies an overall solution for CNG/LNG with product, technology and service, with a good industry reputation. 

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