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8*20GP Steel Gas Cylinder Were Shipped On 2019-6-11

Jun 11 242

Thanks for the trust and support of our client, we achieved new order with 30pcs containers. The goods incl:

1. ISO9809 219-40L-150BAR O2 cylinder

2. ISO9809 232-50L-200BAR medical and industrial O2 cylinder / N2 cylinder

3. GB11638 RYL250-40L acetylene cylinder

We provide customized service on color and steel seal, and will arrange partial shipment with six time.

8*20GP cylinders were shipped on 2019-6-11, the goods incl 40L O2 , 50L medical and industrial O2 cylinder, 50L N2 cylinder. Greatly meet the needs of customers.

Your trust is our greatest motivation. Expect more orders.