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Peking Sinocleansky Technologies Corp.


Wangjing SOHO, okres Chaoyang, Peking, PR Čína. PSČ : 100102


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Mini LNG plant: customized for you with unique MRC technology

Small LNG storage, transportation and regasification

Engineered solution for LNG

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Beijing SinoCleansky Technologies Corp specializes in Natural Gas industry for LNG & CNG. For LNG, it includes Mini LNG Plant, Small LNG Storage, Transportation and Regasification. SinoCleansky enjoys advantage in one-stop-solution with product, technology and service which are certified internationally.

 I. SinoCleansky Mini LNG Plant

SinoCleansky has patented core technology and own complete MRC process package for Mini LNG Plant. All the LNG plant equipment are skid-mounted and modular-designed. SinoCleansky provide the tailor-made solution for your project. More importantly, SinoCleansky has the first and only Skid-mounted MLNG test platform in China and can test all the equipment dynamically and train your engineers before delivery.

 II. SinoCleansky Engineered Solutions: 

For professional clients of Mini LNG, LCNG satellite station, LNG regasification and etc., 

SinoCleanky takes its industrial experience and technology expertise to provide the excellent customized technical solutions. 

 Proces šmyku so spätným splyňovaním skupiny valcov LNG

Proces šmyku pri spätnom splyňovaní LNG

Šmyk na spätné splyňovanie LNG s procesom prívesu

Proces šmyku pri tankovaní vozidla s L-CNG

LNG regasification standard station process

LNG pump skids

L-CNG pump skids

LNG regasification and regulating skid (include metering and odorization)

 III. SinoCleansky LNG Vessel

SinoCleansky enjoys great advantage in LNG Transportation & Storage equipment, incl cylinder, tank, container, and lorry tanker. You can always turn to SinoCleansky for different vessels at the wholeLNG supply chain. Particularly the followings:


SinoCleansky ISO tank are manufactured under EN13530, ASME standard, with Lloyd’s Register certificate. T75 ISO tanks for LNG popular size 40ft and 20ft. SinoCleansky ISO tank has good insulation performance to ensure the lower loss during transportation.