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Pekin Sinocleansky Technologies Corp


Wangjing SOHO, Chaoyang District, Pekin, PR China. Kodi Postar : 100102


+ 86-10-64709959


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Gazet industriale

SinoCleansky is at the heart of industrial gases, covering nearly all types of containers for nearly all kinds of gases, incl O2, N2, Ar, CO2, H2, He, N2O, Acetylene, Chlorine, Ammonia, Specialty gases, high purity gases and etc. Besides a one-stop-supply, SinoCleansky products enjoy superior performance and are built-to-last.

  • Gazrat e zakonshëm

    SinoCleansky provide large range of products for common gases, such as cylinder, and tank. Especially for the oxygen, nitrogen, argon ,CO2, and also for the hydrogen....

  • Gazrat me shumicë

    SinoCleansky provide technical solution for bulk gas transportation and storage.Especially for the oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, and also for the hydrogen....

  • Gazrat me pastërti të lartë

    The gas purity is higher than 99.999%, and especially for the Helium, Hydrogen, SF6 and others....

  • Gazrat shtesë

    Additional Gases, such as Liquid Chlorine, Liquid Ammonia, SF6, Electronic Gases, Specialty Gas, Corrosive Gas, Calibration Gas. Sinocleansky provide gas equipment for these kinds...