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Transporti dhe Magazinimi LNG

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Pekin Sinocleansky Technologies Corp


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Transporti dhe Magazinimi LNG

SinoCleansky provides full solution for LNG Transportation & Storage. From small cylinders to ISO tank containers SinoCleansky will be your reliable supplier. The LNG transportation & storage equipment, from small cylinders to the ISO tank containers, they are widely used for LNG station, industry, LNG generation etc.

  • Kontejner tankesh ISO LNG T75

    Kontejnerët intermodalë Sinocleansky prodhohen sipas GB150, EN13530, ASME dhe standarde të tjera ndërkombëtare, me Certifikatën CSC të Regjistrimit të LIoyd, Certifikatën BV dhe Certifikatën CCS ....

  • Cilindër LNG

    SinoCleansky GB standard Dewar Flask for LNG is a type of high vacuum drawn, multi-layer heat insulating removable cryogenic liquid vessel which can be applied to store, transport the liquefied gas products, such as LNG...

  • Rezervuari LNG

    To provide high-performance equipment, Sinocleansky make a series of stringent tests, including automatic welding process, X-ray and ultrasonic tests, Vacuum production and testing....

  • Tanker LNG kamionësh

    Sinocleansky LNG Lorry Tanker features large capacity, lower self-weight of vehicle low operation cost and little evaporation rate which makes itself popular all over the world....

  • Rezervuari Cryogenic LNG Compact

    The feature of high vacuum multi-layer insulation & well-designed structure brings up ZERO even BARELY ZERO liquid loss & long-time vacuum strengt....