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SINOCLEANSKY بوتھ نمبر پر 26ویں ROS گیس ایکسپو میں شرکت کرے گا۔ A7

اکتوبر 16 129

روز گیس ایکسپو2023 will be held in Saint Petersburg from 31stاکتوبر - 3rdنومبر 2023۔


International Specialized Exhibition of Natural Gas Industry and Technology for Gas Facility (Ros Gas Expo) aims to demonstrate achievements in the construction, maintenance and reconstruction of gas transport and gas distribution systems. This expo is an important event for internationally renowned representatives of the gas industry, which has been recognized by the Union Des Foires Internationales and entered the Register of International Fairs.


SinoCleansky will participate in the exhibition as well. All customers are welcome to visit and negotiate. Our booth number is A7.

SinoCleansky is a professional natural gas equipment company, our products include CNG Jumbo Tube Cascade/Container/Skid/Trailer, LNG Microbulk Tank, CNG&LNG Cylinder etc.

We hope to propose solutions for natural gas with all partners during this exhibition.