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For High purity gases

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مصنوعات کی خصوصیات

Compressed gas is completely sealed from outside, which provides high sealing performance; the compressor of high sealing performance is specially suitable for use to compress gas in radioactive area of nuclear power plant and highly poisonous gas;

◎Owing to nonexistence of lubricant in diaphragm cavity, namely it is impossible for gas to contact any lubricant, there is no problem to compress to higher pressure the dangerous gas and oxygen, fluorinated gas and chlorine, etc;

◎Compared to the compressors of other types, gas will not be polluted by the particles produced due to abrasion of sliding parts, therefore, it is absolutely ensured the same purity of compressed gas as that of the gas when entering compressor. Therefore, it is suitable for high purity gas such as electronic gas, breathing gas and hydrogen used in fuel cell technology;

◎High compression rate. As a result of optimized design of diaphragm cavity curve, maximum deformation of diaphragm under allowable stress is ensured to obtain maximum volume efficiency;

◎Pressure lubrication is adopted for compressor, so the moving parts of compressor have excellent lubrication of hydraulic oil, which minimizes the abrasion of moving parts and reduce maintenance rate;

◎Pressure oil supplement is adopted for compressor, namely, the lubricant, after coarse filtering, is pressurized by passing through gear pump for fine filtering, then enter slippage pump, this kind of pressurized lubricating oil can prevent the occurrence of non-oiling due to the air existing in slippage pump; at the same time it can prevent small particles from entering slippage pump to damage plunger, thus lengthening the service life of slippage pump.

◎Diaphragm alarm device and low-pressure alarm of lubricating oil ensure safety and reliability of operation of compressor;

◎The bolts, nuts and joints of cylinder head are all surface treated; and oil pipes and coolers all adopt stainless steel pipe, providing good appearance of whole machine;

◎Advanced oil-pressure valve is adopted for the display system, providing easy operation;

◎Compressor has good cooling conditions. Oil cooler is equipped in the oil tank of compressor and water jacket is set for middle body, cylinder body and cylinder head, which provide good cooling for compressed oil and gas, thus improving the mechanic performance of compressor;

◎Adoption of modular design. According to the need of user, serial crankcase and diaphragm head are selected to provide wide range of pressure and flow;

   ◎Low noise level;

◎Spare parts and after-sales service are provided in time for whole service life of product.

تکنیکی خصوصیات
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