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HP سیملیس اسٹیل گیس سلنڈر

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ای میل:

[ای میل محفوظ] مزید + دیکھیں

ISO9809 پائپ اسپن سلنڈر

Large rang of water capacity.

Clear stamp, good performance.

Many types of valve and caps.

Applied for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2 etc.

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SinoCleansky provides all types of steel gas cylinders. ISO9809 standard pipe-spun cylinder are widely exported to worldwide, including Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, South Asia, etc. The popular water capacity is from 2L to 68L, working pressure is mainly 150bar, 200bar and 250bar.

The cylinders are widely used for Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Helium (He), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Hydrogen (H2) and so on, which covers industrial, fire-fighting, energy, medical, city construction and other sectors.

تکنیکی خصوصیات

Popular ISO9809 Pipe-spun Cylinder



بیرونی قطر

پانی کی گنجائش

ورکنگ دباؤ



140 میٹر

10 L

15 میگاپاسکل



219 میٹر

40 L

15 میگاپاسکل



232 میٹر

47 L

15 میگاپاسکل



232 میٹر

50 L

20 میگاپاسکل



267 میٹر

68 L

15 میگاپاسکل

پیکجنگ اور ترسیل

All the cylinders will be packed with plastic net for protection of painting. And the cylinders can be delivered with pallet, or loose in container.

رپورٹ اور سرٹیفیکیشن

Cylinders are delivered with detailed test report, including the factory test report and hydrostatic test report.

SinoCleansky Factory Report shows all the tests required by ISO9809 std, which include: Chemical composition test; Physical tests like Tensile Strength Test; Yield Strength Test, Impact Value Test; Burst Test, etc.

حوالہ رپورٹ:

ای میل [ای میل محفوظ] مزید تفصیلی جانچ رپورٹ نمونہ حاصل کرنے کے لئے۔


اکثر پوچھے جانے والے سوالات
  • 01
    What is the raw material for this type of cylinder?

    The ISO9809 cylinder is manufacture by steel pipe. Material such as 37Mn, 34CrMo4, etc.

  • 02
    ان سلنڈروں کی کھیپ کے بارے میں کیا خیال ہے؟

    Generally, the cylinders will be shipped by 20ft container, if without pallet, the loading quantity is 1400pcs for 10L, 480pcs for 40L, 350pcs for 50L and 245pcs for 68L.

  • 03
    What about the popular field using this type of cylinder?

    Our cylinders serve clients all over the world, including the gas factories, gas distributors and so on, widely used for industrial, fire-fighting, medical, etc.

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