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ای میل:

[ای میل محفوظ] مزید + دیکھیں

FM200 / NOVEC1230 سلنڈر

Manufacturing std: EN13322, DOT-4BW

بیرونی قطر: 228 ملی میٹر - 462 ملی میٹر وغیرہ

پانی کی گنجائش: 16L - 240L

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سینو کلیانسکی welded FM200/NOVEC1230 Cylinders are produced as per DOT-4BW, EN and other international standard. They have the advantages of safety, lightweight, clear stamping, consistent height and elegant appearance.

The cylinders with a full range from 16.6L to 240L, and get certifications from LRS, SGS, BV, TUV and etc.

تکنیکی خصوصیات

FM200 / NOVEC1230 سلنڈر



بیرونی قطر

پانی کی گنجائش

ورکنگ دباؤ



228.6 میٹر

16.6 L

42 بار



324 میٹر

52 L

42 بار


EN450-240L-42 bar

450 میٹر

240 L

42 بار



406 میٹر

52 L

500 PSI



406 میٹر

106 L

500 PSI



406 میٹر

180 L

500 PSI

پیکجنگ اور ترسیل

Generally, the cylinders will be shipped with pallet, especially for the large water capacity cylinders due to the weight issue.

رپورٹ اور سرٹیفیکیشن

Cylinders are delivered with detailed test report, incl Factory Test Report and the Third-party LRS, SGS, BV and TUV Test Report.

And we can also cooperate with customers to do local register for the cylinders and firefighting system.

حوالہ رپورٹ:  

ای میل [ای میل محفوظ] مزید تفصیلی جانچ رپورٹ نمونہ حاصل کرنے کے لئے۔


اکثر پوچھے جانے والے سوالات
  • 01
    Can I choose many types cylinders in one order?

    Yes, we provide mixed service, and you can choose the type you prefer, and tell us the quantity to confirm the delivery type.

  • 02
    ان سلنڈروں کی کھیپ کے بارے میں کیا خیال ہے؟

    Generally, the cylinders will be shipped by 20ft container, 9pcs/pallet for 324mm diameter, 5pcs/pallet for 406mm diameter, 4pcs/pallet for 450mm diameter, and 12 pallets for one container.

  • 03
    What kind of the Third-party Certificate will you provide for the cylinder?

    We provide the Third-part LRS, SGS, BV, TUV Certificate and etc.

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