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Sinocleansky Kopa Thailand Medlab Ifihan Asia 2022 Booth No.. 5.f 57

Oct 08 18

"Medlab Asia Exhibition 2022" will be held in Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand from Oct 19 to Oct 21th, 2022. The exhibition is the first LIVE, in-person event of Asia Health in Bangkok, Thailand. It attracts most of the world-class suppliers and industry leaders In-person as well as top-of-the-line buyers in the healthcare sector to explore the APAC market.

Beijing SinoCleansky Technologies Corp is an ISO9001 certified company, which produces the right technical solution and equipment for Medical & Lab Gas Containers. 

SinoCleansky will participate in this exhibition. All customers are welcome to visit and negotiate,Booth No. 5. F57


In this exhibition, our company will exhibit our Medical & Lab gas container family and our Victank Microbulk equipment and application solutions.  And would provide professional design, stable quality and perfect solutions for Medical and lab gas equipment.

1.Ibi ipamọ Microbulk & Eto Ifijiṣẹ:

SinoCleansky VICTANK microbulk meets ASME standard, with cryogenic WC 1000L to 7200L and WP 16bar, 24bar, 35bar. VICTANK microbulk is widely applied in liquid industrial gases and natural gas, incl medical, industrial welding, laser cutting, lab, etc.


2.Ẹrọ SinoCleansky Gas:

Awọn silinda gaasi titẹ giga, pẹlu irin, aluminiomu, awọn silinda apapo;

Welded cylinders fun acetylene, omi chlorine, FM200, ati be be lo;

Cryogenic cylinders & bulk tank

Ohun elo gaasi SinoCleansky wa ni ibamu pẹlu awọn iṣedede kariaye ti o lagbara julọ, ti a fọwọsi ati ifọwọsi nipasẹ awọn alaṣẹ ayewo kariaye pẹlu TUV/BV/SGS/LRS/CCS. SinoCleansky ṣe idaniloju aabo ati igbẹkẹle, pẹlu orukọ ile-iṣẹ to dara.